Jordan McLoughlin

Jordan McLoughlin is a Los Angeles-based researcher and dancer.  He is currently a Senior Research Analyst at Research Narrative, where he gets to leverage his interests in qualitative analysis and quantified existence to paint pictures of human motivation.

After graduating from UCLA with a degree in Psychology, Jordan built his knowledge of the consumer in the world of advertising.  While studying at Art Center College of Design, he helped to concept and build digital advertising campaigns at Black Box Creative Group.  Working with clients such as Fox, Showtime, and MGM, Jordan focused on turning the usually transient nature of his clients’ brands into lasting impressions on the consumer.


In addition to his background in research and advertising, Jordan is an accomplished dancer who has traveled the world to judge, compete, and share his pedagogy of conceptual thought and release in freestyle dance.

Previously, Jordan co-founded online sports simulator MOSS Baseball, where he led a team of developers to architect the game, and conducted primary research to gauge market interest and product usability.

My Favorite Re Word:


Much like the former tagline from luxury automobile maker, Lexus, I too have the relentless pursuit of perfection. In my personal life, this is evident in my dancing. In my professional life, this manifest itself in scrutinizing every piece of data that comes across my desk.with putting them back together. The human brain is the most complex object on our planet, and the desire to figure out how it works has driven all the way to a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology. As we discover more about how the brain, body, and environment guides thought and behavior, research will help us reconstruct dynamic and intelligent systems that will change the way we live, hopefully for the better.

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