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From emerging streaming video services to established TV networks to public media, we’re experts at understanding the insights and opportunities for a diverse range of audiences.​

  • “Don’t leap to a nervous breakdown when you hear dire feedback from the test audience. The fix might be easier than you first anticipate.” – from our interview with John Olson.
  • Check out our Entertainment Ezine for the full interview and for more on how research can help you understand and engage your audience.




Entertainers aren’t the only ones tasked with telling stories; marketing and communications professionals are too. From brand advertising to public health messaging, we help you evaluate the efficacy and optimize the impact of marcom efforts.

“The most iconic brands elicit an emotional connection.” – from our interview with Tracey Castle.

What’s in your brand toolkit? See our Brand Ezine for the full interview and for more on brand building, reinvention, and impact.




Questions like “What is the future of media” and “How will consumers integrate new technological innovations into their lives?” don’t scare us; they inspire us.

See our article, Remembering the C in CES – (the Consumer Electronics Show)

“There is no better place to imagine and understand how we can better integrate consumer insight into innovation.”




Our team members have run a school board, taught at universities, and mentored prison inmates in college preparation. We understand that the future of education requires both foundation and innovation.

What can academia learn from private industry? Listen to the Research Narrative “THINKerry” podcast team address how academia can better communicate and heighten return on research investments.

What can private industry learn from academia? Listen to Part II of the podcast, where we explore methodological rigor, ethical standards, and other valuable research lessons from the academy.




Whether it’s building the consumer insights infrastructure for a new wireless company, developing a podcast strategy, or evaluating emerging models in mobile video, we know mobile.

Why do some digital and tech ideas succeed, while others fail spectacularly?

See Kerry Edelstein’s insightful article on the rise and fall of Quibi: The Demise of the Powerhouse That Wasn’t.




Some projects look for Return on Investment, while others focus on Return on Impact. Our evaluative programs and frameworks allow mission-driven organizations to strategically plan and measure both.

Learn more about Research Narrative’s journey from multicultural expertise to Founding (MIC) The Multicultural Insights Collective.



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