Kerry Carroll

Kerry Carroll is a Theatrical Film Market Research veteran with seventeen years of experience including key executive positions in the market research departments at Miramax, Warner Bros. MGM/UA and CBS Films.

As a Senior Executive Consultant Ms. Carroll brings her deep category knowledge and passion for entertainment to reach beyond the numbers and employ strong creative instincts to deliver proven actionable insights within the rapidly changing landscape of media and entertainment.

Previously, as Head of Research at MGM/UA and CBS Films, Kerry was responsible for the creation and direction of all consumer research to form positioning and go to market strategies across Production, Marketing, Publicity and Distribution departments. Implementing primary, secondary and syndicated research tools, Kerry successfully stewarded production and marketing preview screenings, set target audiences, crafted key messaging and identified marketplace challenges from pre-production risk management through maximizing ancillary revenue streams.

My Favorite Re Word:


As former client, I have a responsibility to my clients to tell them what they need to hear and have those difficult conversations, which isn’t always something they want to hear. It is something that I take very seriously.

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