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One of the biggest challenges companies face today is data overload – and the pile (or inbox) of research to review can get overwhelming. That’s where we come in. We work with you to fill in the gaps, cut out the white noise, and help you distill the insights into a compelling and clear business narrative.

  • Market landscape reviews
  • Secondary research analysis (e.g. cultural trends analysis & insights)
  • Research story-lining and development of action steps based on existing marketplace research
  • Competitive landscape review and differentiation opportunities
  • Content review for alignment with audience expectations and behaviors


Organizational change often takes place at a rapid fire pace. The need for data-driven insights may not be able to wait until you can hire a full time research and/or analytics team – or that need might be temporary. Our team can collaborate with you to establish or improve your research infrastructure, lead research teams through transition periods, and plan for the future:

Example Short Term Initiatives:

  • Managing one-time projects, such as a research study or data resource integration
  • Highlighting opportunities for research-based thought leadership
  • Providing temporary research team personnel (e.g. during extended vacations, maternity/paternity leave, etc.)
  • Identifying and optimizing research resources
  • Developing research budgets
  • Optimizing a specific research/data process

Example Long Term Initiatives

  • Leading, training, and mentoring a junior to mid-level research & analytics team
  • Building an internal data/research team
  • Collaborating with executive management to establish & optimize internal processes for data collection, management, analysis, communication, and implementation of insights
  • Reviewing current data & insights infrastructure for improvement opportunities
  • Developing roadmaps for using data more effectively in business/organizational decisions

The 4 P's of Data Advisory

  • Product: What data do you need, and what will it be used for?

  • Progress: What do you already have, and what is missing?

  • Process: How does data currently flow from data systems through to company’s internal and external stakeholders?

  • People: Who needs access to data/insights, and how are they being trained to effectively manage, use, and communicate data & insights?

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